• TRI, Udaipur has one of the best-maintained and updated library with a rich collection of books on Anthropology, Sociology and allied subjects and standard reference works. 
  • The library is particularly enriched with books related to the Indian tribes as well as tribes of Rajasthan. 
  • Library continues to provide information, documentation and reprographic support to the Institute's staff as well as to the research scholars of various research organisations and universities.
  • Many books, reports, reprints, thesis and reports of the sponsored projects etc. are available in the library. 
  • The library receives 105 journals by way of subscription, exchange and gratis and subscribe 27 newspapers and magazines. 
  • A huge stock of back volumes of the journals is also available for reference work. 
  • TRI library comprises of a unique collection of the central and state government's publications such as Census of India, Gazetteers, Statistical Handbooks and Abstracts. 
  • Bench Mark Survey of T.S.P. Area of Rajasthan, Economic Survey, Occasional Papers on Tribal Development Series, publications of the Institute and Reports of the Commissioner for SC & ST (Government of India), etc.
  • The library remains open throughout the year except Saturday, Sunday and other gazetted holidays of the Government of Rajasthan. 
  • A number of research scholars completed their Ph.D. dissertation with the help of this library.
  • The updated completed dictionary catalogue has also been maintained to provide information through author, title and subjects. 
  • More than 4000 readers including scholars and researchers used the library in a year.

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